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Delete a Permission Template from the Company Directory


To delete a permission template from the Company Directory. 


If you create a permission template in Procore, you can delete that template at any time as long as there are no users assigned to the template. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the company's Directory tool.
  • Limitations:
    • Permission templates must be deleted in the Company Directory.
    • Permissions templates can only be deleted when there are no project users assigned to the template. 
    • Procore's default permission templates can only be renamed. They cannot be deleted. See What are the default permission templates in Procore?


  1. Navigate to the Company level Directory tool.
  2. Click the Configure Settings  icon.
  3. In the 'Permission Templates For' drop-down menu, choose the company that has the Company Permission Template or the project that has the Project Permission Template that you want to delete.
  4. Click Edit next to the permission template you want to delete.
  5. Click the RED 'x' next to the permission template's name.
    Note: If the 'x' is GRAY, the template cannot be deleted because it is assigned to one or more users.
  6. In the 'Confirm Deletion' window, click Delete
    A banner displays to confirm the deletion was successful.

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