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Request a Custom Tool


To request the development of a custom tool that you can use in your Procore account.

Things to Consider

  • There may be an additional cost associated with the development of your custom tool. Please discuss the details of your business needs and requirements with your Procore Implementation Manager.
  • See Custom Tools FAQ for more information.


Contact your Procore Implementation Manager

Please contact your Procore Implementation Manager to convey your interest in adding a custom tool to your Procore account.

Submit a Design Specification

Before the Procore Customs Team can start the development process of your custom tool, the details of the tool must be clearly defined. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability and email them to customtools@procore.com and CC your Procore Implementation Manager.

  1. Tool Name: _________________
  2. Who is the primary contact for your company? A designer from Procore's Customs Tool Team may need to contact this person with additional questions.
    • Name:
    • Email:
    • Phone
  3. Will the tool be visible at the Company or Project level?
  4. Which export options should be supported? (e.g. CSV, PDF)
    • (Note: If you need a PDF output, please see Custom Forms.)
  5. Should the custom tool be available for use via Procore's (iOS or Android) mobile application? If yes, which actions should be supported?



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