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Below are common FAQs about creating custom forms in Procore.

Can I customize a form myself?

No. Customers cannot create their own custom forms. However, Procore has a dedicated team that specializes in the development of custom forms. See Request a Custom Form.

Which Project level tools can be customized?

Custom data fields can be added to the following Procore tools.

  • RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Prime Contract
  • Prime Contract Change Orders
  • Commitments
  • Commitment Change Orders
  • Transmittals
  • Project Admin Tab (will show on all tools, but is static on a per-project basis)
  • Define custom project roles that can be assigned to users/companies in the Project level Directory tool

Which types of forms can be customized?

  • All single item PDFs
  • Commitment list views
  • RFI list views (if “show questions and answers” is enabled)

Which types of layout changes are supported?

  • Page Formatting
    • Basic text formatting (e.g. bold, italics, color, font size, etc.)
    • Delete Sections
    • Add Text
    • Change Margins
  • Page Elements
    • Insert Images (e.g. logos)
    • Stamps (on submittals)

Which data fields can be added to a form?

The following types of fields/elements can be added to a form.

  • Selectors
    • Checkbox
    • Radio Button
    • Dropdown Menus
      • Assignment selector (based on permissions of person in the project)
      • Single Cost Code selector
      • Generic Selector
      • Date picker or Duration (in calendar days)
      • Directory person selector
      • Single person selector
      • Multi-person selector
      • Location selector
      • Vendor selector
  • Text Areas
    • Read-only text
    • Text area (Note: For HTML code, the text cannot be included inline on forms. Text must be a separate paragraph.)
    • Text field (Note: One line of text can be included inline on forms.)
  • Currency box (Note: Calculations cannot be performed in these boxes.)
  • File uploader (Note: Links to uploaded files can be included, but will not be displayed inline.) 

Can data be retrieved from other tools?

Yes. Data can be pulled from the following tools and used to populate data fields in a custom form.

  • Commitments
    • Owner
    • Architect
    • Signed Contract Received Date
    • Start Date
    • Estimated Completion Date
    • Actual Completion Date
    • Number from the Prime Contract
  • Directory
    • Primary Contact (Every company in the Project level directory has a “primary contact” field, which may be useful for populating a 'To' or 'Attn' field.)

Which types of customizations are not supported?

  • Integration of third-party software (e.g. DocuSign)
  • Calculations (e.g. add 1% tax to pay apps)

How do I include Procore use into a contract?

If you want to include the use of Procore into your project's specifications, you can use the following template as a guide for including Procore as an "Administrative Requirement" (01 30 00) specification within the project manual. It provides technical requirements around workflows, business processes, etc. 

For Owner and Architect clients:
Procore Specifications and Contract Language 

For General Contractor clients:
Procore Contract Language



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