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Custom Forms: FAQs

Below are common FAQs about creating custom forms in Procore.

Can I customize a form myself?

At this time, customers cannot create their own Custom Forms. However, Procore has a dedicated team that specializes in the development of Custom Forms. See Request a Custom Form.

Which Project level tools can be customized?

Custom data fields can be added to the following Procore tools.

  • RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Prime Contract
  • Prime Contract Change Orders
  • Commitments
  • Commitment Change Orders
  • Transmittals
  • Project Admin Tab page (will show on all tools, but is static on a per-project basis)

Which types of forms can be customized?

  • Some single item PDFs can be modified, such as the following:
    • Submittals
    • Prime Contract
    • Prime Contract Change Orders
    • Commitments
    • Commitment Change Orders
    • Transmittals
    • RFIs
  • Some PDFs are partially modifiable; the Customs Solutions Team has limited modification abilities with the following:
    • Inspections
    • Observations
    • RFQs
    • Meetings
    • Daily Log
    • Owner Invoices (Payment Applications)
    • Subcontractor Invoices (Requisitions)
    • Bidding
  • Note: The Customs Solutions Team can not modify list view PDFs such as Commitment list views, Submittal list views, RFI list views, etc. 

Which types of layout changes are supported?

  • Page Formatting
    • Basic text formatting (e.g. bold, italics, color, font size, etc.)
    • Delete Sections
    • Add Text
    • Change Margins
  • Page Elements
    • Contractor Stamps (on the Submittals tool)
    • Signature lines

Which data fields can be added to a form?

The following types of fields/elements can be added to customizable forms. See Which Project level tools can be customized? for information on which tools these fields can be added to. 

  • Person Selectors
    • Directory person selector
      • Select a user from the project directory
    • Single person selector
      • Select a user with Read-only level permissions and above
    • Multi person selector
      • Select multiple users with Read-only level permissions and above
    • Assignment selector
      • Select a user with Standard level permissions and above
  • Checkbox
  • Date picker
  • Single Cost Code selector
  • Duration (in calendar days)
  • Selectors:
    • Generic selector
      • The Custom Solutions team can add up to 10 selections
    • Location selector
    • Vendor selector (company selector)
  • Text fields
    • Read-only text
    • Text area (Note: For HTML code, the text cannot be included inline on forms. Text must be a separate paragraph). 
    • Text field (Note: One line of text can be included inline on forms).
  • Currency field (Note: Calculations cannot be performed in these boxes).
  • File uploader (Note: Links to uploaded files can be included, but will not be displayed within the PDF. Attached files will display via the DocuSign integration).

Can data be retrieved from other tools?

There are some tools data can be retrieved from. Most tools pull information from the following places:

  • Project level Admin page
  • Project Directory

Which types of customizations are not supported?

  • Calculations (e.g. add 1% tax to pay apps)
  • Custom Reports (e.g. change the format of the PDF, etc)
  • List view PDFs (e.g. change the format of list view PDF, etc)

Why isn't my company name appearing on my Custom Form?

Your custom information will almost always pull from the office information selected for your project (unless otherwise specified when requesting a Custom Form). If the company name is not appearing in the Custom Form, this is most likely because an office has not been selected for your project. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact the Custom Solutions Team for more help.

Can Procore's default PDFs be modified?

Yes, we are able to modify many of Procore's default PDFs. See Which types of forms can be customized? 

Can custom fields be added to only one project?

At this time, any custom fields created are added company wide. Project specific custom fields are not supported.

Can I report on custom fields?

Currently, custom fields that are added to a tool cannot be used for custom reporting. However, custom fields created on a Project Admin page can be reported on.




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