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Add Folders to Procore using Procore Sync


To add folders to Procore using Procore Sync.

Things to Consider


  1. Open the synced "Procore" folder in your computer's file browser.
  2. Navigate to the folder within the project's folder into which you want to create subfolders. 
    Note: Any folders you create at the project folder level will not be synced with Procore. You will need to create folders within the project's folder.
  3. Right-click within the white space in the folder.
  4. Click Add Folder or your computer's variance (e.g. New Folder).
  5. Give your folder a name.
  6. Click Enter on your keyboard, or click away from the folder name to save. 
  7. This folder will now be automatically uploaded to Procore in the project and folder specified.


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