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Release Notes for 2018-07-16

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, July 13, 2018.

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pl-core.png Core

Updated Due Item Digest Emails to Account for Company Time Zone (7/12/2018)

Updated Procore so the system now send the Due Item Digest email notification to end users at 2:00 a.m., using the time zone clock for the company's Procore account. Prior to this update, email notifications were sent to end users at 2:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). 

Now Aggregating Due Item Digest Emails (7/10/2018)

Also, the system no longer sends individual overdue emails for the following tools: Change Events (RFQs), Observations, Punch List, RFIs, Submittals, Tasks, and Workflow. All 'Due Today' and 'Overdue' items are now aggregated into a single Due Item Digest email. This email is generated per User + Company basis. If a peson has a user account in three (3) Procore company accounts, then the user will receive three (3) Due Item Digest emails. Each email summarizes due items on all projects within a single company. Only projects which have overdue items for the user are included in the message.

pl-project-management.png Product Management

No notable changes.

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

No notable changes.

pl-quality-safety.png Quality & Safety

No notable changes.

pl-field-productivity.png Field Productivity

Update Time Entry Settings on New Projects (7/12/2018)

Updated the Project level Timesheets tool so that the default time entry setting is "Total Hours" instead of "Start/Stop". This only affects new projects that have been created before the release. Existing projects will not be affected by this update. 

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

Procore + Docusign
DocuSign Completed Banner Appears on All Projects (7/9/2018)

Implemented a change to allow the DocuSign Completed banner to display when all signatures are complete. This banner will show even the DocuSign account associated with the envelope becomes inactive.

Procore + ERP Integrations
Added Ready to Export Filter for Sub Jobs (7/9/2018)

Updated the Company level ERP Integrations tool to add a 'Ready to Export' filter to the Sub Job tab. 

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