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Release Notes for 2018-01-23

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, Jan 19, 2018.

pl-core.png Core


    • Added 'Enable DocuSign' Checkbox To Project Settings (1/11/2018)

      Added "Enable Docusign" checkbox to the company level Admin tool on the Project Settings page under 'Default Project Settings'. This gives Procore Administrators the ability to enable the Docusign integration on all projects within the company by default. The setting affects new and existing projects. See Configure Your Company's Default Project Settings.


    • Added 'Permission Template (Assigned)' To Add Filter Menu In Project Directory (1/15/2018)

      Added a 'Permission Template (Assigned)' option to the Add Filter menu in the Users view on the Project Directory (Beta View). 

  • HOME

    • Project Links in General Release (1/16/2018)


    • Added Direct Costs Items to My Open Items (1/12/2018)

      Updated the Company level Portfolio tool so that now items from the Direct Costs tool will now appear if you are the Ball in Court person on the corresponding item.

pl-project-management.png Product Management

    • MOBILE UPDATES (1/19/2018)
      • Drawings can now update information in the background while the app is closed. 
      • Printing from the Drawings tool will display published markup and respect filtering.
    • New Submittals Workflow for Approvers in General Release (1/16/2018)

      Procore deployed a new submittal workflow model to provide your users with more flexibility when setting the approval path for a submittal. This deployment is complete and the new model prevents project users with 'Admin' level permission on the Submittals tool from having to specifically configure the tool to use sequential approval or parallel approval. The new submittal workflow table will be rolled out to all Procore accounts and will allow your users to create and edit submittals that use either sequential, parallel, or a combination of both approval models. See Submittals: Rollout of New Submittal Workflow for Approvers.

    • Now Distribute Submittals After One Reviewer Response

      Users can now distribute a submittal before all of the designated users on the submittal workflow have responded. Now, you can distribute a submittal after one (1) user submits a response. See Distribute a Submittal.

    • Updated "Set As Ball In Court Link" For New Workflow Groups (1/17/2018)

      Added the Number (#) column back to the Submittal Workflow table. The number will appears once per line item (a.k.a., submittal group). Also updated the label on a link from  'Set as Ball In Court' to "Set Group to Ball In Court" for added clarify. The 'Edit Response' link will still show up for each individual in the workflow group. 

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

    • Prime Total in Summary Tab Now Includes Financial Markup (1/17/2018)

      Updated the Change Events (Next Gen) tool so that financial markup (Vertical and Horizontal) is now included in the 'Prime Total' column of the Change Events tool's Summary tab. This change also affects the Potential Change Orders and Change Event custom reports feature in the Reports tools.


    • Enhanced Cost Code Display In Payment Application and Requisition Detail (1/12/2018)

      Updated the Cost Code column on the table in the Payment Application and Requisition Detail tab so it is now left-aligned. Also updated the column so that if the cost code is too long to fit in the display area, an ellipsis (…) will appear to the right of the code. If a user hovers over the ellipsis, the full cost code will now appear in a tool tip.

pl-quality-safety.png Quality & Safety

    • MOBILE UPDATES (1/19/2018)
      • Bug fixes and performance improvements

pl-field-productivity.png Field Productivity

    • Changed Page Title To 'Create Daily Timesheet' (1/16/2018)

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

  • DocuSign
    • Added New 'Sign with DocuSign' Button On Approved Change Orders (1/18/2018)

      Added a new 'Sign with DocuSign' checkbox to 'Approved' Change Orders, Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs), and Prime Potential Change Orders (PPCOs). Placing a mark in this checkbox enables the 'Complete with DocuSign' button. 

    • Added 'Edit' Button To Procore + DocuSign Integration Banners (1/19/2018)

      Added a new 'Edit' Button on the Signature Pending and Signature Completed banners that display for end users who are using the Procore + DocuSign Integration (see DocuSign). When a user clicks this button, the system reveals the Edit page of the DocuSign envelope. Banners have been updated in the Commitments, Change Orders,  and Documents tools. See What do the different DocuSign banners in Procore mean?

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