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T&M Tickets: New 'Subcontractor' Section for Recording Sub-Tier Subcontractors on Tickets

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: April 29, 2021  /  Feature Released: May 19, 2021

New Subcontractor Section for Improved Data Collection in T&M Tickets

Procore has updated the Project level T&M Tickets tool with a new ‘Subcontractor’ section that can be turned ON or OFF in the Company level Admin tool. This new section provides your field teams with the ability to record any work performed on your behalf by your sub-tier subcontractors. It lets you attach any relevant backup documentation to your T&M ticket--ensuring that your clients can easily verify the work and you can seamlessly transfer this information to a change event. See Create a Change Event from a T&M Ticket. The only requirement is that the subcontractor you select must have a company record in the Project level Directory tool (see Add a Company to the Project Directory). 


If you decide to create a change event from a T&M Ticket at a later time, the company you select here automatically populates the ‘Vendor’ entry in the change event. To save you time, the 'Company Name' and 'Description' from the ticket automatically populates the change event's 'Description' field. To learn how to create a change event from a T&M ticket, see Create a Change Event from a T&M Ticket

Turning Sections ON/OFF

Your company's Procore Administrator can turn each section (Labor, Material, Equipment, and Subcontractor) ON and OFF on all of your company's projects by clicking the 'T&M Tickets' link under 'Tools Settings' in the sidebar of the Company Admin tool and then moving the Show toggles left (OFF) or right (ON). By default, all of the sections will be turned ON, including the new 'Subcontractor' section. 


If a Procore Administrator is working in the T&M Tickets tool, you can also click the 'Click Here' link (shown below) in the T&M Tickets tool to jump to the Tool Settings page in the Company Admin tool. If you do not have administrator permissions, the 'Click here' link opens the Turn T&M Ticket Sections On and OFF tutorial on the Support Site to inform the user that administrator permissions are required.  


Do you want to add custom fields to a section? Custom fields are available for sections in the T&M Tickets tool. To learn more, see What are custom fields and which Procore tools support them? and Create New Custom Fields

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