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Tenders: New Planroom Experience

Released: August 9, 2018

Tenders: New Planroom Experience

We improved the Planroom experience by upgrading the design and adding new features! 

Some exciting new features include:

  • Adding a scope of work to the Tender Sheet.
  • Deleting cost codes from the Tender Sheet that are not part of the original scope of work.
  • Saving the information you enter on the Tender Sheet for later.

Have questions or want to submit feedback on the new Planroom experience? Email us at


Here's the Planroom's newly designed Tender Sheet!

planroom 3.jpg

Users asked to tender will be automatically directed to their tender sheet once they log in from their tender email.

do you plan to bid 3.jpg

Once a user selects that they intend to tender from either their tender email or from the banner on the tender sheet, the button to Enter a Tender will change to orange and become active.

enter a bid 3.jpg

Clicking the orange Enter a Tender button will open a new Tender window where you will enter your tender information. In the Tender window, you can add a scope of work, delete cost codes that are not part of the original scope of work, and save your information for later.

create new bid 3.jpg

Then, once you have finalized your tender, click Submit Tender.