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Submittals: New! Combine Multiple Attachments into a Single PDF or ZIP file with the Export Manager

Feature Release for Beta: May 25, 2018
Feature Released: June 17, 2019

Introducing the Submittals Export Manager

When attaching items to a submittal, many project users upload a variety of materials (e.g. the submittal's cover page, the general contractor's review stamp, and other attachments, such as product specifications, drawings, user manuals, and more). When exporting a submittal, users now have the ability to combine the cover sheet and other attachments into a single PDF. Users can also now rearrange these attachments so they are merged into the PDF in the order specified. This saves users a number of extra steps they used to take to manually assemble PDFs using third-party PDF software. Users can alternatively combine selected attachments into a ZIP file. 



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