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Punch List: (Coming Soon!) New Punch List Dashboard

Feature Announced: May 23, 2019
Feature Released: 
Coming Soon

New Punch List Dashboard

Approximately mid-June 2019, Procore will be updating the Punch List tool to provide users with a new dashboard. The Punch List dashboard will provide you with an interactive collection of visual graphs and charts to help you locate a project's punch list items so you can quickly take action on them.



Why is this important?

The new interactive Punch List dashboard is available in both the 'My Items' and the 'All Items' view of the project's Punch List tool. It also lets you visually view items by:

  • Status. Shows an overview of punch list items organized by Status. 
  • Items by Company. Shows a summary of punch list items, organized by Assignee Company. 
  • Average Response Time. Shows the calculated average response time across all punch list items. 
  • Total Overdue Punch List Items. Shows the total number of punch list items that are overdue. 

You can also apply a wide variety of filters to narrow down the dashboard's view to what concerns you most. For instructions, see View the Punch List Dashboard.

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