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Procore's New Navigation Bar

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.


What's New?

Procore will release an improved navigation bar to its web application ( at 10:00PM (PST) on Tuesday April 4, 2017. Here is a sneak preview of the new features!

New Navigation Bar Layout

  • Company Home - At the Project level, click the orange box to return to the Company level Portfolio tab or click the logo to return to the project's Home tab. 
  • Select a Project - Search/Select a project from within the Procore account.
    • Change Company - Switch to a different company's Procore account.
  • All Tools - Select a Company/Project level tool.
  • Add Favorites - Add up to five (5) tool favorites at both the Company and Project levels.
  • Quick Create - Create items faster by using the Quick Create shortcut links.
  • App Marketplace - Quick links to several of our other websites.
  • Support & Feedback - Find links to helpful resources and submit user feedback.
  • Notification Center - Learn about recent improvements to the Procore platform.
  • My Profile - View/Edit your personal settings including name and email.

Add Your "Favorites"

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I could create my own navigational toolbar with just my Top 5 most used tools?" Congratulations, you are not alone! Over the years, our user base has shared similar feedback with us. As a result, you are now able to save your most frequently used tools as quick shortcuts. You can customize your list of favorite tools at both the Company and Project levels. It's important to remember that favorites are both user-specific and project-specific. For example, you could make the Submittals and Drawings tools your favorites in project 'A', and the Documents, Drawings, and Specifications tools your favorites in project 'B', whereas your coworker could have a completely different combination of favorites in those same projects. 

Quick Create

Save yourself some clicks by using the Quick Create feature to jump directly to a tool's "Create New Item" page.

Save time by creating new items for the following tools using the Quick Create shortcut. 

  • Change Events
  • Observations
  • RFIs
  • Punch List
  • Submittals

Navigation by Tool Groupings

Did you know there are over 20 different Project-level tools within the Procore platform? As our Product team continues to innovate and add more tools to the Procore platform, we needed to develop a more elegant navigation experience, especially at the Project level. After months of exhaustive development and research, our Product and User Experience (UX) teams have developed a two-tier navigational menu, where individual tools are categorized into more logical groupings. 

As a result, you will no longer have to scan a long, horizontal menu of tabs. The new logical tool groupings makes it easier and faster to find any tool. Below is a breakdown of the new tool groupings (Note: Depending on which tools are enabled as well as your permission level on various tools, you may not see all of the tools shown below when you log in to your Procore account).

Company Level

Project Level



When can I use the new navigation bar?

Everyone will be able to experience the customizable navigation bar beginning in April 2017.

Can I switch back to the previous navigation bar?

No. We realize many of our users have become accustomed to the previous header. However, our dedicated User Experience (UX) team has thoroughly researched and designed the new navigation bar to provide every user with the most intuitive and efficient user experience possible. We trust that you'll soon become a fan of the new changes in a relatively short amount of time. We're always interested to hear your feedback about our new toolbar as well as any other part of the Procore platform. We are dedicated to making software that makes you better and more efficient at your job.  

Can I change the way tools are grouped in the navigation bar?

No. It's important that there is a standard and consistent way that all users can effectively navigate across all tools, especially since a significant portion of our user base has access to more than one Procore account. Switching between Procore accounts where each tool grouping is different would not only be frustrating for the end user, it would be difficult for our Customer Success and Support teams to efficiently train or assist our end users. Please use the "Favorites" feature to customize your user experience to match your navigational preferences.

Which web browsers will support the new navigation bar?

The new navigation bar will function as expected when using any of the supported web browsers. Which web browsers are supported by Procore?

Where will my custom tools be listed in the new navigation bar? 

All custom tools will be available under a dedicated "Custom" grouping section. 

Where can I share my feedback?

We always encourage and appreciate honest feedback from our users. Feel free and send us a quick email at

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