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Procore Support Center: (Coming Soon!) Homepage Redesign

Feature Announced: November 25, 2019 

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New Homepage Navigation

The Procore Support Center ( is getting a new website design that improves the main homepage, site navigation, header, and footer. Based on feedback from end users and analyzing our site's analytics, we've made some subtle changes that will make it easier to quickly browse through the site and find the right answers to your questions.

Below is a sneak preview of the new homepage and a couple of new features and highlights from the redesign.

support site redesigned numbered 4.jpg

New Features

1.png Language/Locale drop-down menu lets you view translated support articles in other supported languages.

2.png Tab Navigation helps you more intuitively browse and navigate to the desired tool based on platform type.

3.png Quick Link Tiles help you quickly access the most popular tools based on our site's user analytics.


If you would like to ask questions or share any feedback, please contact