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Procore Construction Network: New Free Procore Account Experience

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Updated: April 30, 2022


Limited Release
The Procore Construction Network is currently only available in the United States.


Log in to Your Free Procore Account and Complete Your Profile

If you were granted access to a free Procore account to manage your business profile on the Procore Construction Network, you can now log in and complete your information. See Log in to Your Procore Construction Network Account.
Note: Accounts were made available to a limited group of customers throughout the month of April.

This release includes the ability to:

  • Log in to your free Procore account.
  • View, edit, and manage your Procore Construction Network profile.
    Note: This includes the ability to edit the 'About Us' section or 'Doing Business As' name for your company, as well as the option to hide your Procore Construction Network profile from public search.
  • View and navigate to Procore projects that you have access to.
  • View and filter Procore projects by company.

Additional Features

See the sections below for details on the features included in the new account experience:

Home Page

After logging in to your free Procore account, you will land on the Home page for your account. This is where you can view and manage your company information, view Procore learning reosurces, and quickly navigate to company accounts that you have access to in Procore's web application. 

See the following tutorials for more information:

Projects Page

If you click the Projects page within your account, you will see all of the Procore projects that you are currently associated with. This page provides a list of your associated projects, the number of open items, and offers quick links to tools within those projects.

See the following tutorials for more information:

Account and Profile Settings

You can manage settings for your company and user information by clicking the Account and Profile icon (shows as your initials or profile picture). See Edit Personal Information in Your Procore Construction Network Account.


How do I get back to my Procore Construction Network account after I’ve navigated to a project?

Currently, opening a project from the Projects page in your account will open that project in a new tab in your browser window. As long as you keep your account tab open, you can click back to it.

If the original tab was closed, you can log in again to get back to your account. See Log in to Your Procore Construction Network Account.

Why don’t I see all of the companies that I work with on the Projects page?

If a company or project is missing from the Projects list in your account, it is likely due to one of the following scenarios:

  • You do not have permissions to any tools within that project.
  • You have been assigned to that company or project with an incorrect or different email address.

Note: Please contact the administrator for your project if you think access or information needs to be corrected.

Why can’t I see bids from my account?

When a bidder is invited to bid using Procore, they are invited to a Company level Planroom tool. Currently, we can only show Project level tools on the Projects page within an account. However, we are working on an integrated experience that will optimize the bidding process from your account.

When will I be able to add co-workers or employees to my Procore Construction Network account?

This is an upcoming feature that is currently in development by our Engineering team. We will notify you on the Home page of your account when the functionality becomes available.

What should I do if the number of Open Items for a project is incorrect?

The Projects page has a My Open Items column that shows the number of open items assigned to you for each project. If your number of open items for a project is determined to be incorrect, please contact our Support team at with details of what items are incorrectly shown or missing. See Why is the 'My Open Items' list not showing tasks that have been assigned to me?

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