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Financial Management: (Coming Soon!) Enhanced Financial Line Item Update Experience

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Announced: February 26, 2019
Updated: September 17, 2019

Construction Financials: Enhanced Line Item Update Experience

Procore is releasing an opt-in update that will provide users with a more modern and consistent user experience when adding line items to these project tools:

  • Change Events
  • Change Orders
  • Commitments
  • Direct Costs
  • Prime Contracts *

* To receive this update on your project's Prime Change Orders, the project's Change Events tool must be enabled.


The following animated image shows you what the enhanced line item update experience will look like in the Change Events tool. This experience will be consistent in the other Procore tools being updated. 


Why is this important?

This update is designed to provide end users with a more modern and consistent experience when adding financial line items. The new line item experience provides users with a method for streamlining data entry as follows:  

  • Select a budget code on-the-fly.
  • Instead of using three (3) different drop-down lists to define the sub job, cost code, and cost type, you can now click a button to instantly create a budget code. 
    • A budget code lists all combinations of cost codes, cost types, and sub jobs (if enabled) that exist on the project's budget. See Enable Sub Jobs or if your project is synced with a supported ERP Integration, see Enable Sub Jobs for Sage 100 or Enable Sub Jobs for Sage 300 CRE
    • With the new experience, all line items added across all Financial tools will now require both a cost code and cost type. For the Prime Contract tool, line item additions will require either (1) a cost code and cost type OR (2) a division and cost type. 
  • Reduce the number of mouse clicks required to create a line item:
    • Use keyboard strokes to add, update, and delete line items. 
    • Press the TAB key to move to the next cell.
    • Scroll actions are now more responsive.
    • Scroll up and down to switch the system focus between line item rows.
  • Change the row numbering and sort order without having to use a drag-and-drop operation.
  • Add a new line item above or below and existing item (Note: The existing option to add a new line item at the bottom on the list remains in the Procore web application).
  • Edit line item values in-line using the View/Save pages.

How will I know when the new line item experience is available?

When the inital rollout begins, an in-application message will notify you that the new line item experience is available. To give you even more control over the timeline for making a switch to the new experience, you will be able to opt-in/out-of from using it for a limited time. 

Can I switch between the new and former line item experience?

Yes, for a limited time. During the initial rollout phase, you can opt-in/opt-out of the new line item experience at any time. During this phase, Procore will collect user feedback from our end users. Once the initial rollout is complete, you will be notified when Procore is ready to replace the new line item experience with the former one. After the final switch, you will no longer be able to go back to using the former line item experience.