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ERP Integrations: Export Subcontractor Invoices to Sage 300 CRE©

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: March 30, 2020  /  Feature Released: June 2, 2020

This feature is not available to Canadian flag-canada.png customers.

Export Subcontractor Invoices to Sage 300 CRE

Procore will soon be releasing a new feature for the Company level ERP Integrations tool. This feature lets your project users eliminate double-entry and save time by allowing invoices created in Procore's Commitments tool to be exported to your company's integrated Sage 300 CRE® system.  

How do I setup the feature?

To learn how to set up the feature, see Set Up the Export Subcontractor Invoices Feature for Sage 300 CRE®.

How does the new feature work?  

Follow these steps to create the invoice  and then export it to Sage 300 CRE®:

  1. Perform the following steps in the Project level Commitments tool and ensure the invoice is in the 'Approved' status:
  2. Send Subcontractor Invoices to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance
    Note: If you need to make changes to an invoice before the data has been accepted by an accounting approver for export to Sage 300 CRE®, see:
  3. Accept or Reject Subcontractor Invoices for Export to Sage 300 CRE®

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