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ERP Integrations: (Coming Soon!) Export PCCO Markups to Sage 300 CRE

Feature Announced: August 1, 2019
Feature Released: 

ERP Integrations: Export PCCO Markups to Sage 300 CRE

Procore will soon be releasing an update for the Procore + Sage 300 CRE® integration. This update will initially be rolled out to a small group of Procore customers and, within a week or two after that initial rollout, the feature is tentatively scheduled to generally available to companies using the Procore + Sage 300 CRE® integration.


This update was developed for companies utilizing the automatic financial markup feature for Prime Contract Change Orders on Sage 300 CRE®-integrated Prime Contracts. The update allows individual markups to be selected as affecting the Contract Amount and the Estimate Amount when syncing Prime Contract Change Orders.  The mapping ensures that when a Prime Contract Change Order (PCCO) is exported from Procore to Sage 300 CRE®, the estimate in Sage 300 CRE® is updated accordingly. Prior to this release, the export from Procore only updated revenue amounts.   

How do I enable this feature?

To use this feature, it must first be enabled on the back end of Procore. To request to enable this feature during the initial rollout, your company's Procore Administrator must send a request to your Procore point of contact. In a future release, this feature will be enabled by default for all Procore + Sage 300 CRE® customers.


The following illustration shows you the new 'Will Map To' area in the New Horizontal Markup page of the Prime Contract tool. 


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