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Documents: (Coming Soon!) Visual Redesign of the Documents Tool

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: December 18, 2019  /  Updated: January 30, 2020

This documentation details prerelease software. Its accuracy and reliability is not guaranteed by Procore Technologies, Inc. and it is subject to change without notice. It is being provided online for preliminary evaluation prior to an upcoming release. Procore is not responsible for and expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind with respect to this documentation and will not be responsible for any harm, loss, costs, or damages incurred due to its use.


New Design and Layout for the Documents Tool

The Documents tool at the Project and Company level is being redesigned with a new layout. No functionality is being removed, but the new design will offer several improvements and benefits, such as:

  • A more efficient upload experience that reduces steps and allows you to drag and drop files directly to a selected file or folder (eliminating the needing to click New > File or Folder Upload).
  • The ability to open Microsoft files in Office 365. 
  • Improved visibility for Items You are Tracking, New Documents This Week, and Recycle Bin.
  • An updated information side panel that provides easy access to important information such as general file or folder information, permissions, tracking, and file tags.
  • New modals for managing permissions and tracking for a file or folder.
  • The introduction of checkboxes to allow you to select multiple files or folders and easily perform actions in bulk.
  • A cleaner layout that is easier to view and navigate.


See details about the following:

New Action Buttons

   Check In 

   Check Out


icon-delete-trash4.png    Delete

icon-download-arrow2.png    Download

icon-email.png    Email


icon-move-to.png    Move to

icon-new-version.png    New Version

icon-private-lock.png    Private (shown in main table)

icon-private-folder.png    Private (shown in folder tree)

icon-ellipsis-options-menu2.png   Vertical ellipsis (More menu)

The new action buttons for files or folders will be accessible from multiple locations (shown in the images below):

  • In the top banner when the file or folder is selected
  • Across from the file or folder when hovering over its row
  • In a list after right-clicking on the file or folder (see right image below)

Note: Additional actions will be revealed after clicking the vertical ellipsis    icon. If you have navigated through multiple levels of folders, you will see a ellipsis icon-ellipsis-options-menu3.png icon that you can click to view which folders you are currently under. 


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Information Side Panel 

In addition to displaying important information about the selected file or folder, the Information side panel is where you will be able to manage file information and settings, such as the Title and Description fields, as well as the Permissions, Tracking, and File Tags sections. This is also where you will access the Download Log, Change History, Emails, and Related Items.

When selecting one of these sections, a modal will open to allow for a cleaner and more intuitive experience when making changes or viewing information (see image on right below for managing permissions after marking a file or folder as Private).

Note: To open the Information panel, you will click the info i-icon-docs.png icon when a file or folder is selected.

info-panel-general-info.png permissions-tracking-tags.png modal-manage-permissions.png


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Viewing Files and Folder

When a file or folder is selected from the selection tree on the left, icons will become available so that you to perform different actions (as shown in the banner below). If the Information side panel is open, you will be able to view important information about the file or folder. 

Note: Clicking the filename link will still open the document in the Documents tool viewer. 


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Uploading Files or Folders

You will still be able to upload files or folders using the +New button, but you will also be able to upload items in one step by dragging selected items from your computer and dropping them onto the center panel.


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Uploading a New Version of a File

While the action of uploading a new version of a file will be the same, you will access this option by selecting (or right-clicking) the file and clicking the New Version  icon-new-version.png  icon.


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Checking a File In or Out

You will see the option to either check a file out or in by clicking the vertical ellipsis    icon (or by right-clicking to open the same menu), and clicking the relevant action.


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Exporting a Folder's Contents

The option to export a folder's contents to PDF or CSV will be available after clicking the vertical ellipsis    icon when a folder is selected, as shown below.


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Performing Bulk Actions

You will be able to select multiple files or folders to perform bulk actions for-- such as downloading, moving, and deleting-- by marking the checkboxes next to them. For example, you can select multiple files and then click Download

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Easy Access to Important Documents

The New Documents This Week, Items You Are Tracking, and Recycle Bin sections will always be viewable from the Documents page so that you can easily access them when necessary.


Note: Areas such as Permissions, Tracking, and File Tags will be managed in the Information side panel as outlined above. 

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Import Options and Procore Drive Download Link

The following resources are being moved to the Configure Settings page of the Project level Documents tool.
Note: You must have 'Admin' permissions to the Documents tool in order to access this page.

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New Feature: Open and Edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Files in Office 365

If you have a Microsoft Office 365 Business account, you will be able to open and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files in Office 365 so that you can save any changes to Procore without needing to upload new versions.


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