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Daily Log: Coming Soon! Photos on the Daily Log

Published: July 12, 2018

Photos on the Daily Log

Soon, Procore will release the Photos on the Daily Log feature, which will allow 'Standard' and 'Admin' users on both the Daily Log AND Photos tools to optionally add the photos uploaded to the Photos tool directly to the new Photos log in the Daily Log tool.

upload photos and add to daily log.png

You will not be able to add private photos to the Daily Log. Photos will be added to the day indicated in the photo's capture information. If capture data is not found on the image, any image added to the Photos tool will be added to the Daily Log based on the day the photo was uploaded.

Once uploaded, you and your team will be able to view, download, and delete photos taken that day from the day's Daily Log.

photos on the daily log.png



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