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Change Orders: Removed Sidebar from Change Orders Tool

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: February 18, 2020 /  Feature Released: February 26, 2020


Change Orders: Removed Sidebar from the Change Orders Tool 

Procore has removed the sidebar from the Change Orders tool. You'll see these new changes:

  • A new Add Filter menu on the Prime Contract and Commitments tabs. For commitments, you can add filters for Status, Contract Company, and Executed. For commitments,  you can add filters for Status and Executed. You can also select multiple checkbox options after the initial filter is applied. Filters are also now persistent across sessions.
  • A new Reports button. You can now click this button to open a menu that lets you generate change order reports. 


Why is this important? 

This update is part of a larger design effort to progressively remove the right sidebar from all Procore tools in order to increase the amount of available space for each page. 

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