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Change Events: Coming Soon! Track Non-Commitment Costs, Latest Costs, and Markup

Coming Soon! Change Events: Track Non-Commitment Costs, Latest Costs, and Markup in the Budget

Coming soon, you will be able to keep a pulse on the most recent cost projections and see your prime change order amount with markup. The following functionality will be added:


  1. New Column for Non-Commitment Cost
    • For self-performed or general condition items, if you enter an anticipated cost amount that is different than the ROM amount, this can be reflected in the Budget and will be added to the “Latest Cost” of the Change Event.

  2. New Column for Latest Cost
    • A new “Latest Cost” column will reflect the cost according to a the stage of pricing of the CE line item (ROM vs. RFQ vs CCO)
  3. Show Markup Line Items
    • Line items will be shown to reflect the Prime PCO (or PCCO, if 1-tier) markup.
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