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Budget: Unlock the Budget with Budget Modifications

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.


Budget: Adding Ability to Unlock Budget While Preserving Budget Modifications

Budget tool Admin users now have the ability to unlock a Budget even if Budget Modifications exist on their project. Users can now delete all or preserve all Budget Modifications when unlocking the budget.
Note: ERP users only have the option to preserve Budget Modifications if synced Budget Modifications exist. 


This feature is intended to support projects with phased budgets by allowing multiple budget uploads and tracking how the Original Budget Amount has evolved. The following features were previously released with the same intention:

  • Granular Permissions: For tighter controls over who can unlock a budget, Company Admins can update existing Budget Admin users (e.g. Project Managers) to give them Standard permissions, which will prevent them from unlocking the budget, but will still allow them to perform the following actions if assigned the associated granular permission:
    • Send/Retrieve a Budget to/from ERP
    • Import Budget CSV
    • Create and Edit Original Budget Amount
    • View Direct Cost Details
    • Delete Budget Line Items
    • Lock a Budget
  • Snapshot Reminder: When clicking Import to import a new CSV, you will receive a reminder to take a snapshot.
  • Original Budget Amount: When clicking the three dots or ellipsis next to the Original Budget Amount, you will see the snapshot history and how the Original Budget Amount has changed from snapshot to snapshot.

  • Change History Filter: Company Admins can see any changes against a Budget Line Item by filtering against Cost Code and or Cost Type in the Change History tab.

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