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Setting up the zlien integration with Procore


zlien’s cloud-based platform makes lien rights easy, empowering a fair payment process for the construction industry. Contractors, material suppliers, equipment rental companies, and other project stakeholders use zlien to eliminate the administrative headaches and legal guesswork associated with lien waiver exchanges, preliminary notices, and mechanics lien compliance, enabling them to minimize financial risk and achieve a more seamless, transparent, and fair payment process.

The zlien - Procore integration enables you to minimize lien risk on a project by exchanging lien waivers in real time and electronically receiving preliminary notices from your subcontractors and suppliers. The integration creates an efficient workflow by automatically importing projects from Procore to zlien and linking projects between both applications for the seamless exchange of data. After projects are linked, any notices and waivers you receive in your zlien account will be instantly sent to the project’s document library in Procore. Documents will be sent to Procore as soon as they’re available.

Installation Steps

To install the zlien integration, you need to subscribe for a zlien account. To create an account, please contact Michael Kungl at or call at 504-613-0081.

Once you have your zlien account set up, open the zlien application and perform the following steps to enable the integration:

  1. Go to the “Integrations & Partners” page accessible from the top-right corner.


  1. Select the “Procore” entry under “Available Integrations” and click the Install button on the right.


  1. You will be asked for your Procore login information and to allow zlien to access your Procore account.


  1. You will be redirected to the Details and Settings page:


  1. Configure the settings on this page as follows:
    1. Select your usual role on your projects.
    2. Select your customer’s role on your projects.
    3. Specify a mapping for your Procore project types to zlien project types.
    4. Specify any Procore project stages you would like to exclude from your imports to zlien. Procore projects in the selected stages will not be imported to zlien.
    5. Indicate if only new waivers and notices should be sent to Procore.
  1. Click “Connect Procore Account” to finish the installation process.

How the zlien Integration Works

After setting up the integration, your Procore projects will be imported into zlien. Projects in Procore will be periodically synchronized with zlien, so that any newly-created projects will automatically be created in zlien. Every project in Procore that has been imported to zlien will have two folders in its Document library: a Lien Waivers folder and a Notices folder. Those folders will contain documents sent from zlien and should not be renamed.


Lien Waivers

Using zlien, you can either request lien waivers from your subcontractors or vendors, or provide signed lien waivers to your customers. You can start this process from within a project in zlien by clicking “Start Waiver” or from the Document tab by clicking “Create Document” and selecting lien waiver.


When requesting a waiver, an email notification will be sent to your contact requesting their signature. Once they sign the waiver, it will be automatically sent to the Procore document library. To waive your lien rights, provide a lien waiver and sign it. In this case, the document will be immediately sent to the Procore document library for the corresponding project. zlien provides you with a document inbox email address that your subcontractors and vendors can use to send you documents. If you receive a lien waiver in your document inbox, you can save it to a zlien project. Once the waiver is saved to the zlien project, it will be sent to the corresponding Procore project.


zlien will send your received notices to Procore. There are three types of received notices:

  • Preliminary notices
  • Monthly notices
  • Notice of intent to lien

Received notices are visible in the Document Inbox. Once a notice is saved to a zlien project, it will be sent to the corresponding Procore project.

General Notes

  • Admin level permissions are recommended. Minimum permissions are read/write permissions on projects and documents as well as read permission on project types and stages.
  • The integration currently requires access to the Project Management product line and in the future, will require access to the Construction Financials product line.
  • The current integration works for Procore accounts that have access to only one company. Each Procore account can be linked to only one zlien account.
  • The current integration does not provide a way to modify the integration settings once the integration is configured. To modify your settings, please contact zlien support.
  • To disable the integration, please contact zlien support. The application access can be revoked from the Procore application by going into Settings -> Connected Apps and revoking access from the “zlien” application.

Future Releases

In the next zlien release, the integration will provide a way to automate lien waiver creation based on Requisitions in Procore. A requisition will trigger the creation of lien waivers in zlien and will automatically send a request to your Procore contacts. The signed lien waivers can then be automatically attached to the relevant requisitions. The integration will also import contacts from Procore into zlien to make it easier to send and receive documents.

Help and Support

For any questions or comments, please contact Michael Kungl at or call at 504-613-0081.









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