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About the Project Financials + Yardi Voyager® Connector


With the Project Financials integration for the Yardi Voyager® Connector, you can: 

  • Exchange information between systems to provide your project team with access to data from a single source-of-truth.
  • Reduce manual and duplicate data-entry to increase confidence that data is free from unnecessary errors.
  • Improve decision-making with access to the most up-to-date data available.
  • Streamline communication and information-sharing between your back-office and operational teams.

Feature Set Map

Exports data from Procore to Yardi Voyager® Imports data from Yardi Voyager® to Procore 
Yardi Voyager®
COMPANIES   erp-green-arrows.png VENDORS
Cost Codes
Cost Types
  erp-green-arrows.png JOBS
Cost Categories
Cost Codes
ORIGINAL BUDGET ESTIMATES erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png ORIGINAL BUDGETS
(Does not include Purchase Orders)
erp-orange-arrows.png   CONTRACTS
COMMITMENT INVOICES1 erp-orange-arrows.png   PAYABLES
DIRECT COSTS   erp-green-arrows.png PAYABLES

1.  Does not include purchase orders.

2.  Due to a limitation with the Yardi Voyager® Journal Entry exporter, Journal Entries functionality will be limited until at least the next release of the Yardi Voyager®'s Interfaces Job Cost Plugin, V4. In the meantime, the lump-sum Invoiced Amount, which reflects Journal Entry amounts, can be referenced instead.


Supported Versions

  • Required Software:
    • Yardi Voyager® 7S or newer
  • Required Interface Plug-Ins:
    • Core (Version 07.04)
    • Interfaces (Plug-in Version 21+ for 7S)
    • Interfaces Vendor Invoicing (Plug-in Version 17+)
    • Job Cost (Plug-in Version 07.04 for 7S)
    • Interfaces Job Cost (Plug-in Version 4 for 7S)

Unsupported Features

  • Designed for use only on new construction jobs/projects:
    The Yardi Voyager® integration can only sync data on new jobs/projects. Any historical projects created before your company's ERP implementation cannot sync data.
  • Data from these Procore tools and items do NOT sync with Yardi Voyager®
    • Purchase Orders or Purchase Order Invoices
    • Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs)
  • The Yardi Voyager® integration does NOT support the following items:
    • Sub Jobs
      The sub job feature is NOT supported with the Procore + Yardi Voyager® integration. All jobs from Yardi Voyager® will equal exactly one Procore project, and sub jobs will not be enabled for those projects.
    • Tax Categories
      Commitments, invoices and direct costs synced to or from Yardi Voyager® will NOT evaluate tax information. 
    • Retainage Release
      Any retainage release will NOT happen automatically with the Procore + Yardi Voyager®integration. Any Retainage Release will be ignored on invoices sent to Yardi Voyager®, and that retainage must be released manually.
    • Materials Tracking
      Materials presently stored and related retainage is NOT supported with the Procore + Yardi Voyager® integration. It is strongly recommended that materials tracking be disabled with the Procore + Yardi Voyager® integration.

Common Questions

How often is data exchanged between Procore and Yardi Voyager®?
Exports happen instantly upon approval by your organization’s Accounting User(s). Imports happen upon requests which can be made by your Project and Accounting Teams directly within Procore. In addition to on-demand imports, there is an automatic nightly import of data.

Is the Yardi Voyager® Job Cost module required to integrate?
Yes. Procore requires the  Yardi Voyager® Job Cost module.

Will you be adding additional functionality?
We will continue to evaluate key functionality to include in the integration. What is listed in the above feature map simply denotes the current functionality.

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