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Workflow Diagrams

The following workflow diagrams explain the order of operations when creating certain types of items in a Procore account that's integrated with Viewpoint Vista.

Job Setup

There are two different ways to set up job with the Viewpoint Vista integration.
Important! Jobs must be created in one location and pushed to the other, jobs CANNOT be created in both locations and linked together.

Budget Setup

If you are setting up the budget on a Procore + Viewpoint Vista project for the first time, use the workflow below as a guideline. 

  • Important! When setting up a new project in Procore, you must always create the budget in one system and then export it to the other system. You cannot create a budget in both systems and then sync those budgets at a later time. 
  • Important! The Import a Budget (CSV) step is not currently supported with the Procore + Viewpoint Vista integration.



Budget Update

If you need to update a budget in Procore after exporting it to Viewpoint Vista, use the workflow below as a guideline. 


Create and Export Commitments

Follow the steps below to create commitments in Procore and then export them to Viewpoint Vista.
Important! After a Procore project is synced with a Viewpoint Vista job, commitments must always be created in Procore using the steps below. Do NOT create commitments directly in Viewpoint Vista.

Create and Export CCOs

Follow the steps outlined below to create Commitment Change Orders (CCOs) in Procore and then export them to Viewpoint Vista.
Important! Change orders can only be created from synced commitments.

Create and Sync Vendors

There are two different ways to sync vendor data between Procore and Viewpoint Vista.

Important! Vendors can be created in either Procore or Viewpoint Vista. 

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