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Ease the pain of complex construction

The Touchplan.io integration redefines the way Lean construction teams operate. Touchplan + Procore is the only solution that allows you and your team to become more Lean-oriented by both streamlining and digitizing the process. The integration allows teams to create constraints in Touchplan and create or connect them to the RFI process in Procore. Uniting Touchplan + Procore guarantees L​​ean and Last Planner System (LPS) subscribers will have a seamless way to practice and embody these efforts in a single, user-friendly experience.

  • Link plans created by your team directly to your Procore workflow to eliminate duplicate work in multiple systems
  • Encourage your teams to plan together to clear constraints and RFI's in an interactive environment to increase buy-in and accountability when cost consciousness is imperative
  • Extract your team’s best thinking to reduce project time when deadlines are crucial to operations




Touchp[lan.io and the Touchplan.io logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Touchplan.io in the United States and/or other countries. 

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