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This page lists notable changes for the Procore + Tableau integration in 2016. 

Added Learn More Link On Tableau Export Window (12/21/2016)

Added a 'Learn More' link to the bottom of the export window for Tableau exports in the Reports tool (custom reports). Clicking this link directs the user to the landing page for the Tableau Web Data Connector documentation on the Procore support site at: Tableau Web Data Connector.

Fixed Issue With Tableau Connector (12/15/2016)

Fixed an issue where a tab with a space between its name temporarily affected the Tableau web connector from working as expected. This has been resolved. 

Fixed Data Source Refresh Issue (8/5/2016)

Updated the Tableau integration to fix a bug affecting Tableau Desktop users where an error message would appear when a user tried to refresh their reporting data source. This has been fixed.

Restyled The Procore To Tableau Popup In Company And Project Reports Tool (2/102016)

Restyled the Procore to Tableau popup box that contains the secure custom report links for use with the Tableau web data connector. See Tableau Web Data ConnectorTo view the popup, view a custom report in the Company or Project level Reports tool and then click the Tableau button next to the Export Report As label at the top of the page.

Procore Integration with Tableau Web Data Connector (1/28/2016)

Added Tableau features for use with custom reports on the Company level and Project level Reports tools. With this update, a Tableau button appears next to the Export Report As label of a custom report. Pressing this button opens a window that reveals a secure, live live that can be copied and pasted into Tableau for use as a data source. See Tableau Web Data Connector

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