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View a List of Synced Sub Jobs for Sage 100 Contractor®


To view a list of the Sub Jobs that have been synced with Sage 100 Contractor® using the Company level ERP Integrations tool. 


To view a list of sub jobs that have been added to Procore from Sage 100 Contractor® and synced between the two systems. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' level or higher on the company's ERP Integrations tool AND one (1) of the following:
      • 'Admin' level permission on the Company level Directory tool. 
      • Your Procore user account must be granted the 'Create New Project' privilege. See Create New Projects
  • Prerequisites:
    • If you want to add a Sage 100 Contractor® 'Extra' as a Procore 'Sub Job', a backend feature must be enabled on your company's Procore account. To submit a request to enable this feature, contact your Procore point of contact or send an email to
  • Additional Information:
    • Cost codes and categories that are assigned to a Sub Job must be maintained in Sage 100 Contractor® (not Procore).
    • You cannot delete a Sub Job if there are cost codes tied to that Sub Job.


  1. Navigate to the Company level ERP Integrations tool.
    This reveals the Sage 100 Contractor® Integration page. 
  2. Click the Sub Jobs tab.
    This reveals the Sub Jobs Only in Sage 100 Contractor® page. 
  3. Click Refresh Job List.
    This refreshes the list in the page. 
  4. Under Filters, click Synced:
    This page shows a list of the Sage 100 Contractor® Sub Jobs that have been synced with Procore. 

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