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Sync Procore Projects with Sage 100 Jobs


To learn the different ways you can sync Procore projects with Sage 100 Contractor® jobs. 


The Procore integration with Sage 100 Contractor® is a two-way (a.k.a., bidirectional) integration. This means that you have two options when deciding how you want to sync new projects between the two systems. Your choices are:

  • Create a new project in Procore and then sync it with Sage 100 Contractor®
  • Create a new job in Sage 100 Contractor® and then sync it into Procore

An important thing to note is that if you have an existing job that has already been created in both Procore and Sage 100 Contractor®, it cannot be synced between the two systems. The sync process described in the Steps below can only be used on new projects/jobs. 

Things to Consider



  1. If you want to create a project in Procore and then sync it as a new job in Sage 100 Contractor®, follow these steps: Add a Procore Project to Sage 100 Contractor®
  2. If you want to create a job in Sage 100 Contractor® and then sync it as a new job in Procore, follow these steps: Add a Sage 100 Contractor® Job to Procore