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Sync Procore Projects with QuickBooks Jobs


To create and sync Procore projects with QuickBooks® jobs.


The integration between the project data in Procore and QuickBooks® is bidirectional. This means that that your project's data can be synced between the two systems in these ways (1) From Procore to QuickBooks®, or (2) From QuickBooks® to Procore. To learn the specific steps for creating and syncing data between the two systems, see the Steps below.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the ERP Integrations tool. 
    • 'Admin' level permission to the company's Directory tool.


This tutorial is part of a bigger process outlined in this 'Create and Sync a Project' workflow icon-workflow.png


  1. Determine where you want to create your project: In Procore or QuickBooks®
  2. If you have created a new project in Procore:
  3. If you have created a new job in QuickBooks®:
    • First, create a new job in QuickBooks®. See your QuickBooks® Help system for instructions. 
    • Next, follow the steps in Add a QuickBooks® Job to Procore
      The system imports the QuickBooks® job as a new Procore project.