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Superuser: Install and Configure the QuickBooks Connector

This is a DRAFT. Customer Success/Support should work with the ERP Integrations team during limited release.


To download and install the QuickBooks Web Connector (QWC) from Intuit. 


The QuickBooks Web Connector is a software application from Intuit that runs on Microsoft Windows that enables the data exchange between your company's Procore account and your company's QuickBooks database over a secure web connection.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • Typically, this step is performed by an Implementation Integration Specialist at Procore during your company's Implementation Call. 
  • Supported QuickBooks Web ConnectorsVersion or later
    (Note: For best results, it is recommended that you always install the most recent release of the QuickBooks Web Connector). 
  • QuickBooks System Requirements: https://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/Support/Articles/INF283
  • Only one (1) instance of the QuickBooks Web Connector can be installed on a computer.


Perform these steps on the server or workstation running the QuickBooks database. 

Verify the QuickBooks Edition/Version

  1. Launch QuickBooks. 
  2. Press the F2 key.
  3. Ensure the QuickBooks edition/version meets the minimum requirements. See QuickBooks Compatibility
  4. If the requirements are satisfied, continue with Download and Install the QuickBooks Web Connector.

Download and Install the QuickBooks Web Connector

  1. Open a web browser on the server or workstation hosting your QuickBooks database.
  2. Quit the QuickBooks application.
  3. Go to the QuickBooks Web Connector page on Intuit's developer web site:
  4. Locate a supported version of the web connector. 
  5. Review the requirements, instructions, and download information.
  6. Download the QuickBooks Web Connector (QWC) to the server or workstation hosting your QuickBooks database.
  7. Extract all of the ZIP files.
  8. Double-click the file named: qbwebconnectorinstaller.exe
    This launches the QWC installer. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  9. After a successful installation, continue with Download the QuickBooks Web Connector Authorization File.

Download the QuickBooks Web Connector Authorization File

  1. Launch QuickBooks. 
  2. In the 'Client Dashboard,' click the name of the company.
  3. Click Documents
  4. Complete these steps:
    • Locate the QWC authorization file (e.g., QbwcWs.qwc) in the list.
    • Mark the checkbox next to the authorization file. 
    • Click Download (Note: Save the file in a location you'll remember. You will need to access this file when you continue with Add Procore to the QuickBooks Web Connector.)
  5. Continue with Create a QuickBooks Microservice Account in Procore.

Create a QuickBooks Microservice Account in Procore

After you complete the steps in Download the QuickBooks Web Connector Authorization File, notify your Procore point of contact. Your Procore point of contact will create a dedicated user account in your Company Directory which is required for use by the QuickBooks Microservice. This account gives the microservice the permission and priviliges it needs to sync data between Procore and QuickBooks.

Add Procore to the QuickBooks Web Connector

  1. Launch the QuickBooks Web Connector.
  2. Double-click the QuickBooks Web Connector Authorization file (i.e., QbwcWs.qwc) from the download location. 
  3. When the QBC1003 message notifies you that the Procore application cannot be reached, click Yes, I Want to Proceed
  4. At the Authorize New Web Service message, type the application name: Procore
  5. At the Warning message, verify that you launched the appropriate company's QWC file  (i.e., QbwcWs.qwc) and then click OK
  6. At the Enter the Microservice Login Password page, enter the password for the QuickBooks Microservice account (Note: This is the user account that was created by your Procore point of contact).
  7. At the Do You Want to Save this Password message, click Yes
  8. Mark the Procore checkbox. 
    Auto-sync is setup to sync data every five (5) minutes. This is the default setting. You can increase or decrease the frequency of the auto-sync as desired. 
  9. Click Update Selected.

Next Steps

  • Contact your Procore point of contact to Request to Configure the ERP Integrations Tool for QuickBooks. 


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