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Export Subcontractor Invoices from Procore to QuickBooks

This documentation details alpha, beta, and other pre-release software, and its accuracy and reliability is not guaranteed by Procore Technologies, Inc. It is being provided online for internal use and evaluation by authorized Procore Beta Participants only. To determine if your company is a Procore Beta Participant, please contact your Procore Procore point of contact. Procore is not responsible for and expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind with respect to this documentation and will not be responsible for any harm, loss, costs, or damages incurred due to its use.




To export subcontractor invoices from a Procore project to QuickBooks. 


To reduce double-entry and save time, users can now export the invoices that they've created for the purchase orders and subcontracts in Procore to QuickBooks. Exporting invoices consists of these tasks, which are typically performed by three (3) different users:

  1. A subcontractor completes this task:
    1. Submits an invoice to the project team. See Submit an Invoice as a Subcontractor
  2. A project manager completes these tasks:
    1. Creates an invoice for a purchase order or subcontract in the Project level Commitments tool. See Create an Invoice on Behalf of a Subcontractor
    2. Sends that invoice to the Company level ERP Integrations tool to be reviewed by an accountant. See Send an Invoice to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance.
  3. An accounting approver (see What is the accounting approver role?) completes this task:
    1. Reviews the invoice and then either accepts or rejects it for export. See Accept or Reject an Invoice for Export to QuickBooks.
      • Accepted invoices are exported to the integrated ERP system (e.g., QuickBooks.
      • Rejected invoices are NOT exported to QuickBooks. Instead, they are returned to an editable state in the Project level Commitments tool so they can be corrected and re-sent to the ERP Integrations tool for review. 

Things to Consider


Follow the steps below to create an invoice in Procore and export it to QuickBooks.


Follow these steps to create the invoice  and then export it to QuickBooks:

  1. Perform the following steps in the Project level Commitments tool and ensure the invoice is in the 'Approved' status:
  2. Send Subcontractor Invoices to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance
    Note: If you need to make changes to an invoice before the data has been accepted by an accounting approver for export to QuickBooks, see:
  3. Accept or Reject a Subcontractor Invoice for Export to QuickBooks 

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