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Accept or Reject a Project for Export to QuickBooks®


To review a submitted project (that was created in Procore and doesn't exist in QuickBooks® Desktop) and either accept it so that it creates a new and linked job in the QuickBooks® Desktop database or reject it. 


If a user sends a Procore project to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance by an accounting approver, the approver has the option to 'Accept' or 'Reject' the project for export to QuickBooks® Desktop as follows:

  • Accept. An 'Accept' response exports the project from Procore and creates a new project in your QuickBooks® Desktop system. 
  • Reject. A 'Reject' response removes the project from the ERP Integrations tool's 'Ready to Export' list and places it into an editable state in the project's Admin tool for updating (see Add or Edit a Project).

If there is at least one (1) item awaiting accounting acceptance in the ERP Integrations tool's 'Ready to Export' view, users who have been granted the privilege detailed above will receive one automated email notification perday (e.g., with the Subject Line "ERP Integrations Daily Summary) until all of the in the 'Ready to Export' view have been accepted or rejected.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' or 'Admin' on the company's ERP Integrations tool.
    • The person's account must be granted the 'Can Push to Accounting' privilege in the Company Directory.
      Note: To submit a request to be granted this privilege, your company's Procore Administrator must submit a request to your Procore point of contact. This privilege can only be granted to individuals by Procore. 
  • Prerequisites:


Review Projects in the 'Ready to Export' List 

  1. Navigate to the company's ERP Integrations tool.
  2. Click the Jobs tab.
  3. Click Ready to Export under Filters.
    • The names that appear in the Customer drop-down list are customer names that have been added directly to QuickBooks® Desktop.
    • The QuickBooks® Desktop Customers list does NOT integrate with the companies/vendors in Procore's Company or Project Directory. 
  4. Continue with one of the following:

Accept the Project

  1. Review the entry in the Project Name field.
  2. Choose Accept.
    • The system may prompt you to select a company name (for example, ABC Industries). This name be used to identify the job/project in QuickBooks® Desktop.
    • If the customer you want to assign the job to does not appear in the drop-down list, you must set the customer up in QuickBooks® Desktop.
  3. Click Export to sync the project with QuickBooks® Desktop.
    • The job should be successfully exported and synced to QuickBooks® Desktop in a few minutes. 
    • To view a successfully synced project, click the 'Synced' link under Filters. 
    • If a project fails to sync, click the 'Failed to Export' link under Filters. When a failure occurs, click Reject. Then add any comments about the list of errors that displays or retry the sync. 
  4. (Optional) Log into QuickBooks® Desktop to verify that the job appears as expected in your integrated system. 

Reject the Project

  1. Review the entry in the Project Name field.
  2. Choose Reject.
  3. Provide a brief comment that explains why the job was not approved.
  4. Click Reject. An email notification will be sent to the person who created the project as well as to the person who submitted it for accounting approval. The email is designed to inform them that the job was rejected and the reason why it was not approved. Rejected jobs will also be removed from the ERP Integrations tool and the project name and address will once again become editable fields. Once the issues have been resolved click the previously rejected job can be resubmitted for approval.

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