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Upload Box Files to Procore Using the Procore + Box Integration


To upload files from a personal Box account using the Procore + Box integration for the Attach File(s) function. 


Box ( is a online file sharing and content management service for individuals and businesses. This article shows you how to upload files to supported Procore tools using the Procore + Box integration.

Things to Consider



  1. Ensure the Prerequisites above have been satisfied. 
  2. Log into Procore. See Log in to Procore Web.
  3. Navigate to one of the supported Procore tools. See Which Procore tools support the Box Integration?
  4. In the Attachments area on the Procore page, click Attach File(s)
    Note: The example below is from the project's Submittals tool. The upload process in other supported tools may be slightly different than what is depicted here. 

  5. Choose the Select a File from Box menu option. 


    This reveals a drop-down area where you can view the files and folders in the linked Box account. 
  6. Click the desired document to highlight it. In the lower-left corner, make sure the total number of files selected is accurate. 

  7. Click Done.
    The system uploads the selected file from the linked Box account. 

    • The file from Box is an attachment. It is NOT synced with your Box account. 
    • If you make changes to the file and want to include in your Procore item you can either (1) open the item and delete the attachment (if that is permitted in the tool), or (2) upload the revised file as a new attachment.

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