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Superuser: OxBlue Reference Sheet



To provide Procore Superusers with helpful information for supporting the Live Project Cam feature in Procore for company's using an OxBlue camera on a construction site.

Things to Consider



The following links provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about the OxBlue construction camera integration. All of the linked answers below are publicly available to end users on the Procore support site:


    The following list provides answers to frequently asked questions about the OxBlue integration. The Procore Support site does not currently detail cost information for Procore products or integrations. The answers below are for Superuser reference only:

    • Are there any additional costs for using the OxBlue construction camera?
      No. From the Procore side, there is no extra cost for using the OxBlue integration at this time. However, the end user is responsible for any costs associated with both their OxBlue camera and user account with the OxBlue Corporation. For more information, visit:

    • What if there is an issue with the customer's construction camera hardware or software?
      Ask the user to contact the individual in their organization responsible for managing their OxBlue account.
    • How does a customer create a public URL in the Sensera MultiSense App?
      Refer the user to their OxBlue Account login page:

    • Want to know more?
      For questions not addressed in this reference sheet, use the @tech function in the #support_1 channel on Slack.

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