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Export a Procore Budget to MRI Platform X®


To export a Procore project's budget to MRI Platform X®.


Using the ERP Integrations tool, you can export a budget from a Procore project to MRI Platform X®.

Things to Consider


This tutorial is part of a bigger process outlined in these two (2) workflows:

  1. View the 'Budget Setup' workflow icon-workflow.png
  2. View the 'Budget Update' workflow icon-workflow.png


  1. A project manager ( or user with 'Admin' permission on the Budget tool) will:
  2. An accounting approver will accept the budget (see Accept or Reject a Budget for Export to MRI Platform X®). Once accepted, the system exports the budget data from Procore and syncs it to your MRI Platform X® system. 
    After you sync the budget for the first time, you can also sync an updated Procore budget to MRI Platform X®:

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