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Integration by Ryvit: Accept or Reject a Company for Export to Viewpoint® Vista™


To accept or reject a company record for export to the Viewpoint® Vista™ Integration by Ryvit.


If you users have created new company records in the Directory tool and sent those records to the ERP Integrations tool for review, an accounting approver can accept or reject the record for export to QuickBooks® Desktop.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' or 'Admin' on the company's ERP Integrations tool.
    • The person's account must be granted the 'Can Push to Accounting' privilege in the Company Directory.
      Note: To submit a request to be granted this privilege, your company's Procore Administrator must submit request to your Procore point of contact. This privilege can only be granted to individuals by Procore. 
  • Prerequisites:


  1. Navigate to the company's ERP Integrations tool.
    This reveals the Integration by Ryvit Integration page. 
  2. Click the Vendors tab.
  3. In the Filters menu, click Ready to Export.
    This opens the Companies Only in Procore page.
    Note: For a company record to appear as a line item in this table, you must first complete the steps in Integration by Ryvit: Send a Procore Company to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance.
  4. Review the vendors/companies in the list. Then do the following:

Accept the Company  

  1. In the Ready to Export page, locate the desired vendor/company in the Companies Only in Procore table: 
  2. Accept the vendor for export as follows:
    Note: For a vendor record to appear in this table, a user must first complete the steps in Integration by Ryvit: Send a Procore Company to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance.
    1. Accept. Choose this option button to indicate that you are accepting the item for export.

    2. Integration by Ryvit Vendor ID. Enter the Viewpoint® Vista™ ID for the vendor in this box.

    3. Export. Click this button to export the selected item. 
      This exports the item to the integrated ERP system. Typically, this takes a few minutes. A message shows you the export status and confirms when the process is successful. 

Reject the Company

  1. In the Ready to Export page, locate the desired vendor/company in the Companies Only in Procore table:
  2. Reject the vendor as follows:
    1. Reject. Choose this option button to indicate that you are rejecting the item for export.

    2. Enter a Comment. Type a reason for your rejection in this box.

    3. Reject. Click this button to reject the item.

      This rejects the vendor/company record. It is not imported into the integrated ERP system.
      Note: The system returns the record to an editable state in both the Company and Project Directory tools so it can be edited. Edit a Company in the Company Directory, Edit a Company in the Project DirectoryEdit a User Account in the Company Directory, and Edit a User Account in the Project Directory.

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The Integration by Ryvit is the product of a partnership between Procore and Ryvit, a third-party developer. Viewpoint, Inc. is not affiliated with this connector. All Viewpoint® Vista™ marks and logos are owned by Viewpoint, Inc.