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Integation by Procore: Export a Procore Budget to Viewpoint® Spectrum®


To export a budget from Procore to your company's integrated ERP system


The workflow for creating, accepting, and exporting a Procore budget into an integrated ERP system includes these tasks:

  1. A project manager performs these tasks:
    • Creates the project budget using the Budget tool.
    • Locks the project's budget.
    • Sends the budget to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance by an accounting approver. 
  2. An accounting approver (see What is the accounting approver role?) performs these tasks:
    • Reviews the budget in the ERP Integrations tool.
    • Submits one (1) of these responses to the budget using the ERP Integrations tool:
      • Accept. Accepts the budget data and exports it from Procore. 
      • Reject. Rejects the budget and returns it to the Budget tool in an editable state. The data can then be corrected in the Budget tool and then re-sent to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance by an accounting approver.

Things to Consider



Set Up and Export a Budget

Follow the steps below to either (1) import a Viewpoint® Spectrum® budget into Procore, or (2) create a budget in Procore and then export it to Viewpoint® Spectrum® with the Integration by Procore.

Update and Export a Budget

If you need to update a budget in Procore after exporting it to Viewpoint® Spectrum® with the Integration by Procore, use the workflow below as a guideline.


  1. project manager ( or user with 'Admin' permission on the Budget tool) will:
  2. An accounting approver will accept the budget (see Accept or Reject a Budget for Export to Viewpoint® Spectrum®). Once accepted, the system exports the budget data from Procore and syncs it to your Viewpoint® Spectrum® system. 
  3. After you sync the budget for the first time, you can also sync an updated Procore budget to Viewpoint® Spectrum®. See Create a Budget Line Item and Create a Budget Modification

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