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Add Linear Takeoffs for a Project in Esticom


To add takeoffs to a project in Esticom using the Linear measurement type. 


The Take-Off tab in an Esticom project is where you can add and manage a wide variety of takeoffs for different trades. Esticom offers advanced features to help manage takeoffs with ease. 

The Linear type allows you to measure the distance from one point to the next. This comes in handy when measuring the distance covered by specified materials (such as telephone cable, duplex wires, cords, etc.)

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the relevant project in Esticom.
  2. Click the Take-Off tab.
  3. Click Add Takeoff.
  4. Complete the following information:
    • Material Name: Enter a material name, or click Catalog to select an item from the material catalog.
      Note: If you select a material from the catalog, always check to make sure that it matches the client’s specification and unit prices.
    • Measurement Type: Click the drop-down menu and select the Linear measurement type.
    • Line Width: Click the drop-down menu to select a line width.
    • Color: Click the drop-down menu to select a color.
  5. Click Add to Plan.
    Note: After adding the material, an indicator will be displayed that it is now active and ready for use. This takeoff should be selected (and highlighted in blue) before starting to plot the segments. 
  6. On the Active Plan pane, point and click the cursor to the Starting point of the measurement and repeat it by segment until you reach the Endpoint of the linear measurement.
    Note: Add multiple points or segments to accommodate the preferred linear measurement.
    • To delete a segment, press the BACKSPACE or DELETE key on your keyboard. To delete the entire line placement, press the ESC key on your keyboard.
  7. A linear measurement will appear:
    • Double-click to complete the measurement.
      The measured distance value will appear under the takeoff name.