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Add a New Project in Esticom


To add a new project in Esticom.


When adding a new project to Esticom, you will be able to add relevant information to come up with a strategic approach on how to successfully close the project.

Things to Consider


  1. From the Projects tab, click + Add New Project.
  2. While creating a new project, the navigation toolbar includes the following tabs:
    • Details
    • Plans
    • Take-Off
    • Estimating
  3. On the Details tab, complete the following information:
    • Project Name: Enter the project name.
    • Project Description: Enter a brief project description.
    • Project Status: Click the drop-down menu to select the current project status. By default, new projects are set to the 'Estimating' Status.
    • Project Number: Enter a number for the project. 
    • Measurement System: Click the drop-down menu to select the client’s preferred measurement system.
    • Square Footage: Enter the square footage of the project. 
    • Due Date: Click the field to enable the Calendar and select the appropriate due date.
    • Due Time: Click the field to enable the Clock and select the appropriate due time. By default, after selecting the due date, the time will be set to 12 PM.
    • Customer: Click the + Add Customer link to select a customer from the existing lists or add a new customer.
    • Contact: If the selected customer registered their contact information, this field automatically generated the customer’s contact details. Otherwise, click the + Add Contact link to add contact details.
    • Location: If the selected customer provided their address, this field automatically generates the customer’s location. Otherwise, click the + Add Location link to add the customer’s address.
    • Owner: This field automatically assigns the project to the signed-in user by default.
      • Optional: If you want to change the estimator for the project:
        1. Click the vertical ellipsis  icon.
        2. Choose from one of the following options:
          • Click Change Estimator to select a different estimator.
          • Click Unassign if you do not want an estimator specified. 
  4. The Details tab also includes the Notes and Tasks panel, where you can add notes and tasks associated with the project.
  5. Optional: In the Notes section, click + Add New to add a new note for the project.
    • Enter your note and click Create
  6. Optional: In the Tasks section, click + Add New to add a new task for the project.
    1. Fill out the following information for the task:
      • Description: Enter a description for the task.
      • Due Date: Select a date from the calendar when the task should be completed by.
      • Due Time: Select a time from the calendar when the task should be completed by. 
      • Assigned to User: Click the field to select a user to assign the task to.
    2. Click Create
  7. Optional: In the Attachments section, click + Add New to add relevant files for the project.