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Add a Material Catalog in Esticom


To add a new catalog to the Material Catalogs area of Esticom.


The Material Catalogs section of Esticom is where all material information and values, ranging from individual parts to assembled items, are stored. Esticom offers a gallery of predefined materials that you can use, and you can also add and customize parts or assembly. Materials in the catalog can be quickly accessed during take-off. When adding items to the Material Catalogs in Esticom, you can also choose to create a new catalog to organize items under. See What is the difference between a catalog, category, and item in the Material Catalogs in Esticom? for more information.

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to your account in Esticom.
  2. Click the Material Catalogs tab.
  3. Click Add Catalog
  4. Enter a name for the catalog.
  5. Click Add
    The new catalog is automatically added to the Material Catalogs panel.