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Cosential Data Flow Diagram


Configuring Cosential Using a Procore Service Account


The following sections demonstrate how to create a Procore Service Account for use in configuring the Cosential Procore Integration. In order to successfully complete this procedure you must have:

  • A valid subscription to Procore and Cosential Access and familiarity with the Procore web interface.
  • Admin access to Cosential as OFA.
  • Permission to install a Cosential App Market Feature.
  • Ability to connect a Procore Company to a Cosential Firm.

Create Service Account

Use the following steps to create a Service Account in Procore.

  1. Open a browser and navigate to
  2. Log in using your Procore Administrator account credentials.
  3. Select the Company you want to integrate with (1) and click Continue (2).



  1. Select the Toolbox-Portfolio (1), then select Admin (2) in the Core section. The Company Settings page displays.



  1. Under Administrative Settings, select Service Accounts (1) then click New (2).



  1. Under Service Account Information, enter a Name for the integration Service Account and click Create. Note: This example shows 'cosential_integration' as the Service Account name, but you can name this according to any naming convention you are allowed by Procore.



  1. Once the Service Account is created, copy the Client ID (1) and Client Secret (2) to use in Cosential App Market Configuration.


Configure Cosential App Market

Use the following steps to configure the Cosential App Market using the Procore Service Account you created in the previous section.

  1. Open browser and navigazte to
  2. Log in using your Cosential OFA or Adminstrator account credentials.
  3. Select the App Market (1), then scroll to and click the Procore tile (2).



  1. In the Prcore App Market Feature click Configure (1). Note: If your Firm has not installed Procore yet, please select the Install button and then continue with this step.



  1. In Procore Configuration, enter the Procore Client ID (1) and Procore Client Secret (2) and click Save (3).