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Superuser: IdP-Initiated SSO for Azure AD Reference Sheet


To provide Procore Superusers with helpful information for supporting the iDp-initiated SSO solution for Microsoft Azure AD.


If your company manages your users with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, you can leverage its Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. This give your end users the ability authenticate their identify for the Procore application using their Microsoft Azure Active Directory account. With this SSO integration, you can:

  • Leverage SSO with a Microsoft Azure subscription.
  • Simplify your entire organization's password management process.
  • Avoid problematic user password management with this easy to use integration.


Use Cases

  • As an IT administrator, I want to simplify how my users access Procore. 
  • "We have some complex password requirements we're rolling out across the org and want to give our users an easier way to access apps" - Caddell Construction 
  • " I have an Azure AD and would like to use that for SSO" - Grunley Construction
  • "We will move our AD into Azure if you can give us SSO" - Hathaway Dinwiddle
  • "We don't use Okta, but we have AD in Azure.  We want SSO" - Beck Group

Thing to Consider

  • Authentication Protocol:
    • You can integrate the Procore application with Azure Active Directory using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0). 
  • Supported Edition:
  • Required Permissions:
    • Global Administrator rights to Azure Active Directory.
    • 'Admin' level permissions to Procore's Company level Admin tool.


Coming soon with the release of the Procore App Marketplace. 

Frequently Asked Questions


The following list provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO integration. The Procore Support site does not currently detail cost information for Procore products or integrations. The answers below are for Superuser reference only:

  • What happens if the existing users in Procore were setup with one of our sister company domains before acquisition and their accounts haven’t been converted? Will that result with two accounts for that one user? One newly provisioned account and the old account with the old permissions / settings?

    The Azure Active Directory SSO implementation does not handle user provisioning.  When a user logs into Azure Active Directory with their login credentials, those credential are used for authorization to the Procore web application. 

  • Who do I contact for technical support?
    This integration was built by Procore. For feedback, contact Shivan Bindal on Slack. For troubleshooting, contact @tech.


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