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Survey Monkey by Azuqua


SurveyMonkey is an online survey development cloud-based software. Use Azuqua to get SurveyMonkey communicating with the rest of your applications.

Azuqua and Procore teamed up to bring you SurveyMonkey for Procore. This integration enables you to connect Procore to Survey Monkey to build automated processes between Procre and Survey Monkey. Connect Procore to SurveyMonkey to automatically send a SurveyMonkey survey to the right people when Projects are closed, RFI’s resolved, or many other key milestones are hit.

SurveyMonkey for Procore allows you to build simple automations or design powerful and customized automations without having to write any code.


  • Track developer and contractor satisfaction with timely surveys.

  • Report on satisfaction and set KPIs for your business.

  • Eliminate the manual overhead of delivering surveys to the right audience.

Common Use Cases

  • Monitor when a project is completed (or other key event) and instantly send out project surveys to all stakeholders. Customize your survey inside of Survey Monkey.
  • Monitor survey responses, gauge the polarity, and send a notification to the project owner if the response is negative.

Integration Requirements

  • Paid Azuqua Subscription, SurveyMonkey subscription
  • Procore Product Lines: CoreOS, Project Management

Visit the Azuqua App Library for additional information.

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