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Why isn't my project weather working?


If you are experiencing an issue with your project's weather forecast, you'll need to know which third-party service your project is using. Then you can then check the appropriate Status page below. If a status issue is not being reported and you are still experiencing an issue, send an email to

The weather forecasts on Procore's Project Home page and the project's Daily Log tool support data from the following third-party weather providers:

  • Dark Sky
    Status Page:
    By default, Procore uses the Dark Sky service to predict and record weather for projects. This service takes a number of data sources from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other agencies and uses a proprietary algorithm to provide hyper-local weather data. The Procore application provides its users with a daily forecast for each day on the Project Home page and in the Daily Log tool. It also stores the weather data indefinitely for future reference. Weather data is updated every hour.
  • Weatherunderground
    Status Page:
    If you want to set up a personal weather station at a job site, your company can join the Weather Underground Personal Weather Station Network. Weather Underground will provide a Personal Weather Station ID. Users can contact their customer success manager to point their project's weather to this station. If you choose to setup a custom station, it supercedes the Dark Sky service. The forecast for the Project Weather section on the Project Home page is based on the project address. Typically, the user who created the Procore project will enter the address for the project's physical job site. However, this may not always be the case. For more information, see Add a New Project or Add and Edit General Project Information.
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