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Why can't I create new Procore projects?


If you are unable to create a project, you will typically see one of these symptoms:

Symptom Typical Reason
The Create Project button dimmed or locked If you have configured Procore to work with an integrated ERP system, the ability to create new Procore projects is disabled until the sync between your ERP accounting system and Procore has been properly set up and configured. This prerequisite step is required to ensure your projects can be properly synced between the two systems. This process requires that your cost coding system is finalized between Procore and your ERP System before you start creating any new project data. Note: For any questions surrounding your ERP integration connection, please contact your Integration Implementation Specialist or your implementation resource for additional help.
The Create Project button is dimmed and not available Your account has reached its maximum number of active projects. For assistance, please call your Procore point of contact or send an email to
The Create Project button is not visible on the page You have not been granted permission to add projects to your company's Procore account. Please contact your company's Procore Administrator to request a change to your user permission. (Note: Procore cannot change a user's permissions.)

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