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Why are some files missing after downloading from Procore Sync?


You are downloading folders to your Windows computer from Procore Sync, and you notice that after downloading, some files or folders are missing.


Folder/File Ending in a Period or Whitespace

Windows OS does not allow folders with names ending in a period or whitespace to be downloaded and stored on the computer. This is an operating system limitation and Procore has no control over it. A common example of a folder in the Documents tool that cannot be synced is the name of a sub contractor such as “Smith’s Mechanical Inc.”


This problem can be fixed by removing any space or period from the end of the folder/file name. This can be done in Procore Drive or the Web application by navigating to the folder and renaming the folder name to remove the invalid character(s).

Folder/File Name Has More Than 260 Characters

This problem can occur when the folder (and containing files) character count is beyond 260 characters.