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Why are my files not syncing with Procore Sync?

The Procore Sync application will be discontinued on September 30, 2022, after which you will no longer be able to use this application. We will continue to support the application until that date. For additional information, please refer to Procore Sync: End of Support for the Procore Sync Application or reach out to your Procore point of contact for more information.


You downloaded Procore Sync, and your files either have never synced, or they have stopped syncing between your project in Procore, and your Procore file on your computer.


There are several reasons why your files might not be syncing. Below are listed troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check for an active internet connection. Procore Sync can only detect changes while online.
  2. Is Procore Sync running? There will be a small Procore “C” icon in the system tray. If it is not running, search for Procore Sync among your applications and then reopen it to continue syncing.
  3. Check the syncing status of your project by navigating to the project in question inside of the settings window. If it is set to “not syncing,” click on the Sync/Update button to initiate the sync.
  4. Look for syncing errors captured inside the Notifications are underneath the “Recent” tab of the Procore Sync settings. If “Path too long error” exists, see How do I resolve a "Path too long" error in Procore Sync? If other syncing errors are present, retry a file upload by saving the file again.

We recommend trying the solutions above to each of these errors even if your error is not specifically outlined above. If none of the suggested troubleshooting steps fixed your problem, please let us know.

  • Contact Procore Support with the following information:
    • Your computer or device type (PC or Mac)
    • A screenshot of the error if possible

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