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Which tablet device should I purchase for using Procore?

Things to Consider

  • Storage
  • Connectivity
  • Battery life
  • Extensibility
  • Procore Features
  • Common use cases / personas

Most Recommended Devices

We recommend either using Procore’s iOS or Android applications for on-the-go field use.

For Procore iOS App

For Procore Android App

  • We recommend modern tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets or ASUS ZenPad tablets that are running a supported Android software.
  • For more information on the features available on the Android app, see Procore Mobile (Android).

Minimum device specifications to run the Procore app

We recommend using devices that have at least 32GB of free storage. However, some projects may require more free storage, as a device may need 5-10 GBs of storage per project for your drawings, photos, and other documents. We also recommend to follow industry standard Corporate IT equipment guidelines of replacing your device every 2-3 years, so that your device’s speed and battery capacity keep up with the demands of the most up-to-date operating system and applications.

For monthly data plans, Procore recommendations individual users be at a minimum of 3GB, and that they monitor usage and use WiFi whenever available.

If you have cached items for offline use, the Procore app will store data locally to your device. The amount of space required on your device will depend on the number of these items within each project. As a rough guide, each page of a drawing requires 1.5 MB of space, each photo is roughly 1 MB, and each page of a document is roughly 1.5 MB. So for large projects, it is not uncommon for the Procore app to store between 5-10 GB total. See How do I manage the storage the Procore mobile app is using on my device?