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When does the warning banner in the Budget appear?


Currently, a warning banner appears in the Budget when you add a financial line item (i.e. change orders, commitments, direct costs, change events, financial mark-up, etc.) that uses either: 1) a non-budgeted cost code and/or cost type, or 2) a non-categorized cost code and/or cost type. Non-budgeted items use a cost code and/or cost type that is not already being used in the budget. Non-categorized items use a Division (e.g. 01- General Requirements) in the cost code field, or are missing a cost code and/or cost code type.


We are making changes to how these financial line items appear in your Budget. In early December, these financial line items will be automatically added to your Budget in lieu of warning banner. With this change, all users will receive a pop-up when adding non-budgeted combinations of cost codes and cost types to financial line items, asking to confirm they would to add this combination to the Budget.


The following financial line items will also be added directly to the budget:

  • Non-budgeted (Next Gen) Change Event line items
  • Non-budgeted Prime Change Order financial markup
  • Non-categorized items - Financial line items without a cost code and/or cost type, or with a Division (e.g. 01-General Requirements) selected in the cost code fields. This will include a new Budget filter to filter out all non-categorized values to view the Budget as it is today without non-categorized line items. 

Why is it Changing?

  • Financial Transparency: Our aim is to provide transparency into your project financial data. Currently, we have found that many of our clients may not be aware of costs or revenue being incurred on a project as those non-budgeted and non-categorized values are not shown within the budget.
  • Additional data: In adding the non-budgeted item, when selecting a cost code or cost type for a financial line item, Procore already groups your options by budgeted versus non-budgeted. Therefore, the use of the Budget's warning banner is no longer necessary when selecting a non-budgeted option to view the impact of that line item in your Budget.

What remains the same?

  • You can delete the line item from the Budget which will produce the warning banner for these deleted budget line items.
  • Existing items within the warning banner will remain until updated.
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